Insurance Defense Attorneys on Long Island, NY

From the beginning, the Firm has handled cases assigned by many of the large general liability insurance companies, as well as self-insureds, in New York. The breadth and depth of our experience in representation of insurers has assisted us in developing a common sense, cost effective, and practical approach. From the initiation of the lawsuit, every case is analyzed as if it will be tried.

As experienced trial attorneys with decades of proven results, our attorneys demonstrate daily the commitment, imagination, tenacity, and energy required to defend the wide spectrum of complex legal issues that confront our clients.

Perhaps the best indication of our abilities is manifested by the fact that we have continued to represent many of the same clients over the years, despite management changes within those companies and corporations. As the Firm and its clientele continues to grow, we remain committed to the core value of taking a personalized approach to the needs of our clients….from Fortune 500 companies to the neighbor next door; all are equally important.

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