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Our litigation practice is the foundation of our firm and is broken up into different Practice Groups including: Defense Litigation; Commercial and Business Litigation; Environmental Litigation and Securities Litigation. For each practice area, our attorneys have highly specialized experience in New York State Supreme Courts, Federal Courts, and many other trial level courts in the region. For the Securities and Environmental Practice Groups, our attorneys have managed and handled matters before FINRA and multiple regulatory agencies.

Defense Litigation

With decades of experience, our firm has significant experience and expertise in the laws governing Construction Site Accidents, New York Labor Law and premise liability lawsuits. This history and knowledge are essential to providing our clients with legal counsel they require and expect in this volatile and high exposure area of civil practice. The Firm remains at the forefront in all aspects of construction site related litigation including providing pre-litigation advice to businesses and the insurance related industry. We routinely provide coverage opinions prior to and during the course of the litigation.

Our litigation teams handle a large volume of high exposure cases through which we represent site owners, general contractors and subcontractors from the inception of the case to trial, and often through all levels of the appellate process up to the Court of Appeals. The Firm has authored articles dealing with these Labor Law issues and have successfully addressed at the motion, trial and appellate levels issues such as the validity of contracts and their indemnity and insurance procurement clauses, the applicability of Labor Law 240 with respect to various fact patterns, the recalcitrant worker defense, sole proximate cause issues, when injury producing activity is maintenance or repair, and the interpretation of Worker’s Compensation Reform Act, also known as the grave injury statute.

From the beginning, the Firm has handled cases assigned by many of the large general liability insurance companies in New York. We recently have taken favorable verdicts in New York City and Long Island. From the initiation of the lawsuit, every case is analyzed as if it will be tried. Most are settled favorably prior to trial; when the “fight must be fought,” our team has been there before.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Our firm’s commercial and business litigation practice involves the litigation practice and the transactional practice group.

Our firm’s business litigation practice provides manageable solutions, whether by negotiation or litigation, to disputes by and between businesses from breaches of contract, account stated and many other issues that businesses encounter on a day to day basis. Our attorneys approach each dispute with a problem-solving mindset. Our firm regularly appears on behalf of private businesses and municipalities for emergency relief or aggressive business disputes involving confidentiality, racketeering, unjust enrichment claims or abusive business tactics in both Federal and State Courts. Our attorneys are known as trial attorneys willing to reach a fair result for our clients. Our firm handles multiple trials each year whereas many attorneys may never handle a trial their entire career. We provide results.

The commercial transactional practice group provides guidance and counsel in mergers, acquisitions, lease negotiations and risk management matters for small, mid-size and large businesses throughout New York. We regularly are involved in demanding transactions that are the fruit of years, and sometimes generations, of work by our clients. We are a particularly attractive resource for mid-market companies seeking sophisticated and experienced corporate counsel without the excessive cost and structural inefficiencies often encountered when dealing with the largest law firms. Many of our clients keep the firm’s attorneys on retainer to discuss and question the interactions they face on a day to day basis, so they have an understanding of the risks they face in any course of action they pursue.

Environmental Litigation

The Environmental Litigation practice group focuses on various statutory structures that regulate the protection of the environment. Our attorneys have successfully litigated oil and petroleum spill cases, hazardous waste lawsuits and the claims that are affiliated with these matters. The area is highly specialized and requires and understanding of the statutory structures that govern these matters. Whether a CERCLA, RCRA, Navigation Law claim or an enforcement action, our attorneys have a grounded understanding of the hydrology and legal issues relevant to effectively resolve and pursue claims in this detail-oriented field.

Securities Litigation

Our securities litigation practice evolved as a result of a market flush with volatility. Our attorneys represent claimants or assist wealth managers in pursing claims specifically related to securities fraud, suitability, failure to supervise or other mismanagement of investments. With experience litigating in unique and expeditious forums, the securities practice group is able to provide guidance and zealous advocacy in these disputes keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the issues.

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